We'll shoot for the stars, not promise you the moon.

With over 20 years in the industry, I’ve gained a unique combination of strategic marketing sense and creative vision — from both the agency and client perspective — to help B2B companies improve their marketing ROI. I have an extensive background in marketing, including managing B2B marketing communications and branding for the healthcare IT division of Toshiba Medical. While directing marketing for another FDA-registered manufacturer, I partnered with sales to help increase sales more than 230%. Grow your business through marketing content that resonates with customers, drives engagement, and improves your marketing ROI.

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B2B marketer: high forehead, low overhead

The two have seemingly nothing in common, it's true. The connection: Mediar Marketing currently consists of a staff of one, resulting in lower rates for clients (and somewhat shorter staff meetings). While Mediar's employee lounge is sparse, I have a broad network of vendor partners in a variety of marketing disciplines and enlist them as needed. The end result: you pay only for capabilities your project requires. Let's put our heads together to solve your marketing challenges, improve your MROI, and grow your business.  — Aaron Wangen

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